Friday 2 December 2011

A Homemade Yule

It occurred to me today that this coming Yule will hopefully be more home made than previous celebrations. We have our own goose in the freezer (thank you Daisy), chipolatas from my pigs, vegetables and herbs in the garden and I hope to make my own cake and pudding. Custard will be made using my own eggs and the mincemeat, and stuffing will have local ingredients including dried mushrooms from our fields.

There is something rather special about home made goods, time and effort goes into them which adds to the tastiness and the sense of a special day. Somehow supermarket mass produced goods miss the whole point of a celebration. The variables produced by human intervention are to be cherished. I hope that Tim will bear that in mind as he samples my variables. Next year who knows what we will have produced.... our own goats cream with the pudding perhaps, or a home cured jamon.

There will of course be the most important home made ingredient, plenty of love and good wishes all round,I can hardly wait...............

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