Sunday, 24 February 2019

A Lovely Morning

Today is so warm that it seeps into your bones. I just hope that it is not a false Spring where the budding plants get caught by a late frost. Bumblebees are working their magic and I heard my first woodpecker drumming this year.
Nosher is working as hard as ever, always on the lookout for rodents. The daffodils are exquisite and crocus open in the sun.
I am very pleased with the growth the green manure has put on over winter. It will soon be time to dig it in but I am tempted to leave some to set seed for next winter. The locals use overwintering turnips as green manure with the added bonus that they eat the green tops and animals will eat the roots. It all gets ploughed in before they plant their potatoes or corn.

Finally the nectarine is putting on it's beautiful show. My only problem is removing the excess fruit after it sets, it literally sets hundreds every year. A very hard working tree with beauty, an excellent bee tree, some shade beneath it and delicious fruit, what more could I want?

Sunday, 17 February 2019


As ever photos don't do nature justice. The scene through the small window took my breath away this morning. Time to feel insignificant against the wonder that is our planet.

Monday, 11 February 2019

The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Hip Hip Hooray. The birds are singing lustily and when I sit on the patio with chores it is warm. Graham is crowing loudly again and servicing his ladies. Egg production is ramping up again, more than I can eat so the dogs are the eager recipients. Yesterday I started to dig over the polytunnel but there is much more to go. The dogs always help on these occasions so the terrier digs my holes deeper flinging soil everywhere including over me whilst the big stupid dog (you know who you are Toby) just lays down on the soil in front of me sighing deeply so I have to try digging around him. The brassicas are finally growing now. I am very proud of the broccoli.
As ever kale is indestructible, the leeks are fattening and we are still getting lettuces out of the polytunnel.

I heard a bee buzz past and Dinah is out enjoying the sun.
I have started some chilli seeds in the propagator and I am trying to sprout some sweet potatoes again. I succeeded two years ago but then cancer struck and they died in my absence.
Finally a gratuitous camelia picture. They are always the first to bloom and they are stunning.
Roll on Spring, we need you.