Monday, 7 May 2018

Countdown has started for Operation Re-Connect

I have a date for my last (I hope) surgery. On the 15th of May I will be under the knife again unless they run out of beds or something. This will all happen in the UK so I shall be missing Galicia again like a Norwegian blue parrot pining for the fjords. I expect to remain there recovering and healing until early July which is the soonest possible date for my return. Tim will be here bravely soldiering on, on his lonesome keeping the creatures in check and disciplining our newest two chicks born on the 1st May. Their mother is a psychotic silkie bantam who is mild mannered when alone but turns in to a ravening lunatic when her chickies need protecting. He needs a chair and whip just to replenish the bowl of feed. Luckily he still has both eyes intact.

Waiting for treatment is always the worst bit of having cancer and once this is over I feel as though I can get back to something resembling a normal life. I will of course have a new best friend afterwards.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Back In Galicia

Well I have made it back here but only temporarily. I am awaiting my third and final op (I hope) to remove my ileostomy and reconnect my plumbing to the outside. I am on the list and could be called back any time so Tim and I are enjoying life as much as we can, eating fabulous meals and sitting by the log burner reading and sipping decent wine. It has been a horrendous winter by all accounts and we are still waiting for Spring to arrive. Bitterly cold days, endless rain and a lack of firewood is trying to dampen our spirits but we have bought pretend sawdust logs from a DIY store and the celebration of life continues. Tim will stay on here when I am called back and I will do my best to return as soon as possible but complications are expected with the rerouted plumbing (see Lower Anterior Resection Syndrome). At least the cancer is gone (for now fingers crossed).

Despite all of the above I am still planting seeds for the summer, squashes today and we have a selection of seedlings coming on in the polytunnel waiting for the warm weather to return. No new pics today, everything is so dreadfully overgrown and the only tree in blossom is the hardy blackthorn. I shall therefore attach something cheering from the past.

Here are our faithful boys Sam and Toby who have had a difficult time with a variety of sitters but who continue to give us love and cuddles when we need them most, especially when we have left-over meat from our menu del dias.

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


In case anyone's wondering, this blog has been off air for a while and will probably stay quiet at least until the end of January.

The reason for this is that in July I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Fortunately I was in the UK at the time; if I'd been in Spain I might not have gone to the doctor's so early. I had surgery in August to remove the tumour and also had a temporary ileostomy (Google that at your peril). I'm now undergoing chemo.

All being well, I shall be back in the land of the living in the New Year.