Saturday 9 March 2013

Life goes on

The birds are singing their hearts out. They also like to tap on the roof windows and the shiny cowl on the wood-burner which sounds like Morse code. For the last few days there have been frequent showers with occasional small gaps in between. Yesterday I dashed out and got a double row of peas in before being rained off. In the last few days I have sown field beans and parsnips outside and many more seeds inside.
The Autumn sown broad beans are in flower.

The bulbs are looking beautiful. I have my first flowering Anemone with many more flowers to come.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that my oldest goat called Tensing may be pregnant. She did not come into season when expected to and pregnancy is the most likely cause. If she is, then she will be due to kid in mid July. I have another week to wait until I will know if Pixie, her kid from last year is also pregnant. Then I can dispense with the services of next doors Billy. He is eating his head off and refusing to let the girls eat the best bits, he is certainly not a gentleman.

Meanwhile I continue to inspect all of the newly planted trees to see which have survived their planting out. The almond is in full leaf and the buds on the peaches are swelling with an exciting hint of pink blossom but only time will tell if they are all going to live.


  1. Can I ask where you purchase your trees and plants? Congrats on your almond and peach.

    I took a couple of bags of bulbs up three times last autumn to plant, and it was always too muddy.

  2. Hello I got most of them bare rooted from two garden centres next to each other near Lugo. If you follow the road from Guntin towards Lugo variously labelled the N 540 or N640 (looks like the same road to me), you come off at the junction with the LU232 which goes towards Friol. It is the last junction before crossing the River Mino into Lugo. Once you reach the top of the slip road you want to turn right on the LU232(away from Friol), a few yards along this road there are two garden centres almost next to each other on the right. They are not huge but the people are nice. If you hurry you can still get bare rooted trees which are cheaper than pot grown ones but they have to be planted in winter whilst still dormant. Otherwise there is a good selection of trees in pots. Good luck

  3. Oh, that´s one of V´s favorite stops! We´ve had mixed luck with stuff in pots from there, but it´s good to know they have bareroot stock.