Thursday 15 May 2014

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere

Galicia is gorgeous, bathed in another sunny day with birds singing and new leaves a brilliant green.
As usual when I go into town to shop I have a look in the bins outside for anything useful. My commonest prize is tons of cardboard boxes, perfect for weed suppression under trees shrubs and on the veggie beds. Covered in compost or manure it can't be beaten. Occasionally there is expired food, all perfectly good and I trust my nose and eyes when deciding if it is suitable for eating. Today there were Gerbera flowers thrown out by the florist, enough for two vases. They look beautiful. As a society we produce far too much waste.

All over the garden flowers are in bloom and bees and hoverflies are hard at work.

The Aquilegia flowers continue to delight me as they take so many different sizes, shapes and colours. 

The Iris are also very beautiful. 

The new rose my daughter bought me is called Double Delight and it has the most amazing scent which perfumes the whole area and it too is blooming prolifically considering that we planted it just a month ago.

Finally the three turkeys have arrived and are enjoying their idyllic orchard, drinking from their pool, dust-bathing under the camellia trees and exploring the grass which is above their heads. They are bronze turkeys which are destined for the Xmas dinner table so they will not be named as I find it easier that way.

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