Saturday 30 May 2015

Living In The Moment

We are in the middle of a stretch of sunny weather and I am trying to enjoy every moment. Although I am always behind on the garden, running to catch up with the work, I always try to take some time out to smell the roses (literally and metaphorically). I am now the proud owner of a new poly-tunnel.

It is my first time growing in one and Galician Summers are hot so this year is an experiment to see if I can grow tomatoes, aubergines and various peppers without frazzling them to death. Fingers crossed it is going well so far.

Every year the flower garden next to the house gets brighter and more varied. The smell of the Californian lilac is heavenly and the bees and hover flies agree with me.

 There are masses of butterflies and yet the buddleia is nowhere near flowering yet but I have plenty of nettles for the caterpillars to thrive on and a mix of wild and cultivated flowers all year round.

Ill health has given me reflection time this year and necessitated two trips to the UK (a third is planned). Although not terminal after much thought and discussion with Tim, some priorities have changed. I am reducing the area under cultivation to a more manageable  size until I have help or regain my former vigour, although the latter outcome seems less likely as I continue to age.

So here I am smelling the roses, living in the moment, eating peas, broad beans, field beans, chard, broccoli and mangetout. Sunning myself on the patio every chance I get. Quaffing home made elder flower cordial and mead, and generally enjoying the good life. There is nowhere else I would rather be, and if Tim were here with me to share in natures joys, life would indeed be perfect.


  1. So sorry you´re havng health issues :( The polytunnel looks wonderful, and so useful! I think the elderflowers are starting now and I´m determined to try making a beverage. Take care of yourself.

  2. Thanks, it is not too serious, possible under active thyroid and minor blood pressure and heart issues, all of which can probably be sorted out with medication (tests ongoing) but I am left tired and battling to get the work done so reducing the workload is sensible. Having said that I have just got a load of hay in before the sky rains upon me so a beer and a sit down are the order of the day.

    1. Dear Tim and Nicky

      Living in Galicia must be much nicer than living in Walsall these days, as Martin and I have both discovered Walsall has declined somewhat. Hope you speak good Spanish Tim, or at least as good as me, which is pretty fluent after years living in Barcelona. Not sure how you can get in touch. You could email Maria at Keble - she has my email address (and all those letters we wrote...)

      Big Cheers
      Tiny Amigo Simon