Sunday 5 July 2015

More Turkish Delight

I have held off getting turkeys this year until my health issues were sorted, and now I am back in Galicia for the rest of the year (I hope) it seemed like a good time to get them. After last years trials and tribulatuions with the bronze commercial birds I was determined to get something smaller and more robust so I am now the proud owner of six, four week old Spanish Black Turkeys. They arrived home with me in a small flimsy box held together with sellotape but luckily there were no escapes enroute.
They went into the prepared turkey house and spent 24 hours there to settle down with food and water.
This morning they were let out into the heavily vegetated orchard where they will spend the rest of their lives.
As they were from a commercial supplier they hadn't seen the sun, or had any surroundings other than wire cages but already they are pottering around enmass exploring and eating as they go. This breed has been less 'messed around with' and we hope they can mate naturally. Tim and I plan to eat some but keep a pair, hoping to raise our own poults next year.


  1. I will be watching your progress with interest as I would love to raise some turkeys for the pot. Are they as destructive as chickens with young plants?

    1. Mine are in a mature orchard with robust turf and brambles, they love docks, insects and grass and don't seem to scratch like chickens. I have never tried them with delicate plants, depends on whether they like the taste I guess.