Sunday 14 February 2016

Webbed Feet

It has been ages since I last blogged and since then we have had Yule and I have been back to the UK twice, once for a 90th Birthday party and once for a funeral. As my family and I age, I become more aware of the cycle of life and how transient our time on this wonderful planet is. Therefore I try to make the most of every day. Yesterday my daughter and I went to the coast with the dogs despite the awful weather. We took a picnic and sat in a cave eating it and looking out at the view. We also collected driftwood and seaweed for the vegetable patch.

As we drove to the coast we passed through the small town of Parga, on the River Parga and it was the worst floods there that I have seen.

We have had heavy rain for weeks now, the house is leaking like a sieve and the stable walls run with water. We have moved the geese into the stables as the part of their orchard by their house and where we feed them is awash, which doesn't bother them but Catherine and I were sick of wading through liquid mud every time we tended them. They have the run of the chickens outdoor enclosure and will trim the tussocks we hope whilst the chickens spend some time in the barns and courtyard.

The local newspapers are full of stories of flooding and hardship so we count ourselves lucky to just have wet floors.


  1. A BIL´s father just died suddenly and we´re reflecting on mortality too. Live while you can!

    Where did yo go on the coast? Looks like a lovely spot.

    We had rain, hail, freezing rain and loud thunderstorms yesterday. And the power went off several times. Life in the country!

  2. It is called Ponte do Porco you go through Betanzos towards Mino and it is the last turning on the right just before Mino. A lovely spot where the river enters the sea and perfect for dog walking. We had that weather as well, very extreme and lasted all day with snow as well.