Sunday 26 March 2017

A Blast of Snow

I knew it was coming, timed perfectly for my Mother-in-law's visit and we went from snowy showers to this overnight.
It was the most snow we have had in the six years we have been here, fabulously powdery, all the sounds were muffled in a bubble of peace but no chance of getting out on ungritted roads up steep hills. We sit at 620 metres altitude and the views were spectacular.
The big dog loved it, the smaller dog hated it but bravely waded through the snow as I fetched wood for the stove. He wasn't going to let me die alone in the blizzard.
Poor Tim and his Mother were trapped in the hotel but their hosts were fabulous, feeding them and ensuring that they had a roaring log fire. We still have a leaking roof and no hot water so we felt that Tim's 91 year old mother would be happier in the best that money can afford locally, and we were right.
It was very beautiful though.

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  1. Beautiful. Why should we struggle to travel, when Nature says Stay...?