Thursday 20 September 2018

Autumn Equinox Ahoy

We have got this far and are counting our blessings. My latest cancer scan and bloods are clear, I have just got over a horrendous tummy bug, it was brief but AWFUL. A fabulous misty and drippy start to the day and we can plan for our Autumn activities. I made the first chutney of the year earlier this week before the lurgi struck and as you can see I have planted some seeds to over winter. Chard, red kale, bush beans and peas. The peas and beans are an experiment to see if they will get productive in the polytunnel. I have read that you can sow autumn beans so fingers crossed.
I have bought the standard over wintering veggies for the outdoor tyre stacks, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, more kale, leeks and some lettuce again for the polytunnel.
Somehow the flowers keep on blooming. The ginger exotics are blooming again despite last winter's heavy frost. They just like the shelter of the porch and pear tree which keeps their rhizomes frost free.
 We still haven't managed to get the brambles thwacked but the wood is away into the wood shed, some of the big bits still need splitting further but we will get around to it. There is always more to do than we have time for. I am just so lucky to still be here and enjoying the views.


  1. So glad you´re doing well! Sorry about the tummy bug. I tried growing ginger once, but it never really took off.

    Happy Equinox!

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