Thursday 5 September 2019

"Thar she blows"

We don't have a hurricane thank goodness and my heart goes out to all of those who are losing everything to Dorian, but the Autumn gales are knocking us about a bit. It has been a dry summer despite the cloudiness but the veggies have held up well. My beans are the latest victim of the gusty wind and we have given up on re-erecting them until the gales have gone.
Our soil is thin because we are on a stony hillside and the canes are just not well anchored enough. We have eaten and frozen tons of them and most days I am stewing fruit from our trees or making chutney from our veggies. In good news the lupins are fattening up well. I am not sure how you tell when they are ready to eat but I will keep an eye on them.
The turkeys remain happy and chatty, they really are very sweet.
Our sweetcorn has been a great success and very tasty. I shall be saving seed from this variety.
We are on course to produce the largest pumpkin that we have ever grown. It is still ripening but it is going to be huge.
This summer has been magical so far. After suffering from cancer and going through the surgeries and chemotherapy I wanted, actually really needed, to spend some time with Tim in our piece of heaven and we have done it. This place is our dream and having been apart so much over the last few years because of Tim's work we have been hiding away together like hermits just enjoying the best food and drink that Galicia can provide (the finest in the world), enjoying our own company, and enjoying nature at it's best and most magical. Later this month yet another round of scopes, scans and blood tests start, always a time of anxiety but I go  into it feeling like the luckiest woman alive.


  1. All the best with the treatment... gardening helps to be positive xx

  2. Thank you, gardening is my saviour x