Tuesday 10 January 2012

Yet another new beginning

One thing you can't stop is the wheel of life from turning. After a year living in paradise it looks like Tim and I will have to return to the UK to earn some money. When we came out here Tim had a permanent job with remote working but after it stopped he has been struggling to get another job from here.
Rather than spend lots of time apart we are hoping to go back to the UK together so we can maintain our married status and I can keep my feet warm while we try to get some bills paid.

The good news is that we are not the people we were when we came here. Galicia has shown us life as we want it to be. It is achingly beautiful, the people are amazingly generous with their time and indeed with anything they can give. We have raised our own pigs, grown vegetables, kept poultry and performed so many tasks that would have stumped us in our previous life. We have drunk wine, spent time with very good friends, had more than one night singling along to Tims guitar playing, in other words we have really LIVED LIFE.

I have spent precious mornings watching the sun rise over our valley (I never had time to do this in the UK) and precious memories of the glorious summer nights, when we rolled in merrily from a party late at night and then sat on our patio and just gazed awestruck at the clearest stars I have ever seen. You can see the milky way from our patio and more stars than you can imagine. So....I have had a privileged year and it has made us both doubly determined to get back here by hook or by crook as soon as we can sustain it.

In the mean time... does anyone know any house sitters????


  1. Dear Tim and Nicky,

    We are sorry to hear about your predicament and that you both need to return to the UK, it must be a really difficult decision and trying time. As you say things keep changing all the time, mostly out of our control, and we have to go with it. We have certainly found that out for ourselves over the last few years.

    We have been following your website and blog since you purchased As Petas. It’s been great to read your recent posts on settling in to your new life in Galicia and all it entails. We are sure you will be returning to it again soon – it certainly sounds like you are determined to, not to mention how much you have enjoyed your year there. We are so jealous!

    We love Galicia and hope to live there permanently one day, hence how we came across your website. We came on holiday to Galicia a few years ago and fell in love instantly and didn’t want to leave, and vowed we’d be back. Our plan is to hopefully begin by house-sitting in Galicia whilst settling in and making sure it is the right thing for us to relocate permanently.

    We would love to offer to house sit for you when you return to the UK, however we suspect you are planning to return quite soon and we think it will be 2-3 months before we are able to do any house sitting, as we have a few things to finalise here still. If it turns out this might fit in with your plans feel free to get in touch with us, or should you need someone in the future we’d be happy to hear from you.

    In the meantime good luck with everything and keep posting as we keep reading!
    J and J

    1. Thanks very much for this offer. As you say things keep changing and if I need a sitter in a few months I will most certainly keep you at the top of the list

  2. Sorry to hear your news, we hope Tim finds work quickly and that it's not too long before you can return to Galicia. We have used a site 'Mind my home ' in the past and found the sitters good, some are looking for long term and most come with references. Hope you will keep in touch and if you fancy a visit to Ireland we have plenty of room. Good luck to you both. Anne and Simon.

    1. Anne and Simon, great to hear from you both, Thanks for that recommendation. I will try them once we know what for sure is happening.