Friday 2 March 2012

Hanging on in here

Well despite all the problems I am still hanging in here. Tim is currently in Exeter desperately trying to secure a 3 month contract and I remain in Galicia keeping the home fires burning after cutting the wood first of course.

It is not how we wanted it to be but it will hopefully help us to survive a bit longer. Spring is springing here, all I can hear are woodpeckers drumming away, the birds are singing lustily and my peas are starting to emerge. This winter has been very cold and frosty but NO real rain to speak of. Our seasonal stream has dried up already, none of the grass is growing and the newspapers are full of local farmers spending fortunes on dry food for their cattle.

We hoped for rain yesterday but after thunder and lighting no rain actually fell and today is bright and sunny with a clear sky again. After last years drought people will be in real trouble, I am reluctant to plant too much because I will have to water it by lugging buckets of water about. The dry weather hasn't stopped our drake and cockerel from pestering their ladies though. Eggs are in abundance and I had 3 chicks hatch on Valentines Day which are still alive despite the best efforts of their mother, who in a frenzy of scratching likes to bury their food and water as soon as they are put down. I am surprised they haven't starved to death, but their is still time I suppose.

Finally I couldn't do all of this without the support of all of my friends out here. A cup of tea is always available in any one of a dozen houses if I wanted it. The sense of community is alive and well in Galicia and long may it stay that way.

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  1. Hi Nicky, here's hoping Tim is successful, it must be quite a worry for you both. We wish him luck.
    We also have chicks but I did them in the incubator, fourteen so far with seven more due ob the 10th.
    Good luck to you both.
    Anne and Simon.