Thursday 21 June 2012

Home Internet Access

At last, yesterday two nice men fitted us with a satellite dish and now I can access the net whenever I want to. Tim and I had gone down the Movistar dongle route which gave us such a poor intermittent signal that it was unusable. We tried another company, Intermax who promised to cover our area, but on arrival it seemed there was no signal. Finally the satellite company has worked. We asked for a phone as well and although we have one, we have to wait an indeterminate length of time to be allocated a new phone number. These seem to be as rare as hens teeth and you have to wait for someone to die before you can take over their phone number.
Having the Internet opens up many possibilities for us. The main fantasy is that we win the Euromillions lottery, but failing that....Tim might be able to get a job in IT working from home. I really miss the snoring and the toilet seat being left up.


  1. Hi Niki,

    Which Satellite company did you use?


    1. I will forward an email to you with attachments. I assume that the email still works

  2. Congratulations. If you want to access some UK TV programs drop me an email.