Tuesday 23 October 2012

New family member

Her name was Lucy Fur, but having examined the rear end she is a he. Therefore he needs a manly name so he is now known as Monty (after Uncle Monty in Withnail and I). He is 8 weeks old and still a little wild and un-handled. He is here to provide company and help with the mouse problem. He has the usual fleas and worms but has a loud voice. Food has been taken at speed but he is happiest hiding behind the kitchen furniture.
I shall keep everyone updated on his progress from small scrap to hopefully efficient mouser.


  1. Nicky ,he is lovely, was he one of the stray cats that seem to be everywhere?

    1. Hi is one of a litter from a lady in Friol who has a cat which churns out kittens several times a year. She has various animals in different rooms in a block of flats and I don't think they get handled. He remains noisy and nervy and has clearly no idea what a litter tray is for. It is making me move kitchen furniture out and wash behind it for once, which has to be a good thing. He has now been wormed but there is nothing wrong with his appetite.