Wednesday 14 November 2012

Rabbits again

The last of the young rabbits have been killed, skinned, cleaned and are in the freezer. I have decided that rabbit keeping is not for me. The meat is nice but does not seem to be worth the death of an animal and I am not convinced that I can give them the quality life I would wish to before death. In order to manage them they must live in a small cage and putting them into a run on a daily basis seems impractical when there are so many of them. On the other hand if they only live for 3 months before death then spending it in a cage is not how I would want it to be.

The birds free range, sun bath, dust bathe and forage happily. Somehow this makes me feel better about killing them for food. Their quality of life seems better to me.

Otherwise life continues as usual, I am very behind with the garden, I am trying to complete the next section of fencing around the veggie patch. My lovely daughter is here for a couple of weeks and we have many spring bulbs to plant, a gift from my family for my recent birthday.

Monty the kitten has tamed down marvellously and if anything is too demanding. He can now shin up my body using claws to hold on and loves nothing better than being held and stroked, purring loudly, which is fine if it is the evening but it prevents much work getting done during the day.

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  1. Hi Nicky, I agree with you about keeping rabbits in a cage for all of their lives,when we moved here we decided that we would no longer keep them this way,so we have hutches with movable arks, the rabbits are so much happier this way, if you look back at my blog to May 25th you can see the sort of house and ark that we use. That said, we do have one rabbit who lived totally free range for the best part of a month until she got fed up and surrendered to us, three days ago she once again decided to become free range and has now moved into one of the hens runs, but she still expects to be given her grain and carrot every day.