Saturday 24 November 2012

Making Progress

Catherine has just stayed here for a week and as usual we have managed to get more done than I ever do when I am on my own. We have fenced off a large part of the land for veggie growing and have built the walls onto the goat field shelter so they have somewhere to stand when it rains. We have also continued to process ducks and chickens, one of which we ate last night. He was the biggest of the young cockerels and for a three and a half month old bird he was very meaty. I have tried making a short film showing our achievements.
We have also made time for the most important tasks, meeting friends, celebrating my birthday, sitting in front of the log burner playing cards and chatting. Add to that treating my chickens for lice (a real pain) and disciplining Monty kitten who is turning into a playful pest and you get some idea of Catherine's many achievements.

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