Tuesday 23 July 2013

A Galician Craft Fair

On Sunday Cath and I went to Parga which was holding its annual tripe fiesta with associated crafty entertainments. The sculptors were given a block of stone and asked to carve something by the end of the day. There were demonstrations of weaving and spinning, viewable bee hives, live woodcarving and turning.

Lots of local food was in evidence including the beautiful blue veined cabrales cheese wrapped in vine leaves.
All of the permanent stone tables had been requisitioned for family picnics by the river.
And a huge number of the men had arrived on traditional transportation, their horses. There must have been over 50. As is usual here many still use horses as transportation at weekends. I assume that as well as being pleasurable, you can't get stopped for drink driving on a horse.
And finally, Catherine and I were particularly taken by this handsome mule, perfect for our small holding we thought, and very gentle. We resisted his charms and those of the tripe being freely offered to all.

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