Friday 12 July 2013

The Heat Wave Continues

Life has settled into a summer routine. It really is too hot to work outside for more than an hour or two in the mornings. It takes forever to cool off in the evenings as well. Siestas are the order of the day, helping top up the missed night time sleep and the nights are still so short at this time of year.

I am tied to daily watering of the vegetables. Although some areas are mulched which helps water retention the soil is still so poor that it dries out in a few hours. two years ago it was cattle pasture over granite, last year much of it was still being dug or under black plastic, It will need a few years of mulching, composting and green manure before it can hold the moisture sufficiently for me to slacken the watering regime.

The roses continue to bloom, the poppies are beautiful and many flowers have self seeded in our wild life area. I have eaten my first tomato from the garden this year and we have plenty of peas and mixed herb salads. The harvests are behind this year as it was a cold slow start with many seedlings perishing in the cold spring and needing to be resown. The puppies have managed to dig up some of the seedlings and bury some of the melons I had planted out. We suffer from moles which delight in digging under my veg beds as this is where the earth worms are found (working on the newly introduced organic matter). The dogs love to excavate the mole holes but are over enthusiastic, wiping out any surrounding vegetation.

Finally there is a huge sense of expectation in goaty world. Tensing pictured is due to give birth around Monday with her daughter Pixie due to drop around 5 days later. Catherine and I are keeping a close watch over them as they will be our first (fingers crossed) kids. We are ready to boil water and rip up sheets at a moments notice as I believe that is the correct way to aid a safe delivery (it worked for the Waltons).

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