Saturday 20 May 2017


We have two ram-lambs and they are wonderful. They are Galician sheep, less than five thousand in the world and two now live here. They are a small breed used to rough pasture and we will eat them at the end of the year. We hope that they will keep the grass down and manure as they go and so far they have been very relaxed and eaten tons. When confronted by our dogs they stamp their feet and toss their heads and the dogs back off because they have been disciplined by goats in the past and their butts hurt at the memories.

The bigger one is Rammstein and the smaller one is Uriah Sheep and we hope that they have a wonderful summer with us.

Fruit is now setting and we have apricots for the first time as well as many plums and cherries along with berries of every kind. We are very lucky to have so much.


  1. Hi Tim and Nicky,
    Love the names for the sheep. As a self confessed music nerd, well.. Apricots are an excellent fruit and enjoy hot and dry summers. Enjoy your bounty!

    1. Thanks, we are great fans of punning and apricots. It is so good to get fruit and nuts from trees that you plant yourself. We hope to live long enough to see walnuts from our trees. The mulberries are in flower as well! First time ever.

  2. Oh, I am green with envy! You must report faithfully on their shennanigans.

    Mmmm apricots! I´m just happy most of our new trees have leaves.

    Enjoy summer!

  3. They look really wonderful! Considering their diet they seem like the perfect animals!

  4. Thanks Dave, if it goes well we might move on to a couple of ewes and breed our own lambs in the future.

  5. Considering their diet they seem like the perfect animals!


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