Monday 7 May 2018

Countdown has started for Operation Re-Connect

I have a date for my last (I hope) surgery. On the 15th of May I will be under the knife again unless they run out of beds or something. This will all happen in the UK so I shall be missing Galicia again like a Norwegian blue parrot pining for the fjords. I expect to remain there recovering and healing until early July which is the soonest possible date for my return. Tim will be here bravely soldiering on, on his lonesome keeping the creatures in check and disciplining our newest two chicks born on the 1st May. Their mother is a psychotic silkie bantam who is mild mannered when alone but turns in to a ravening lunatic when her chickies need protecting. He needs a chair and whip just to replenish the bowl of feed. Luckily he still has both eyes intact.

Waiting for treatment is always the worst bit of having cancer and once this is over I feel as though I can get back to something resembling a normal life. I will of course have a new best friend afterwards.

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  1. This was a long winter. Best wishes to both of you, and hoping you´ll be back in Galicia soon to enjoy summer!