Friday 1 February 2019

A blizzard but not as cold as the USA

After storm Gabriel causing local flooding we now have storm Helena and the snow has started with high winds and more to come. Luckily we are well prepared, the stew is prepped, the wood is in and we have plenty of books and candles if required. We have already had to brush the snow off of the satellite dish with a broom to make it work. There is worse to come but this old house has stood up to plenty of storms. I am thinking of the fishermen on the Galician coast. It is a red alert for them with waves expected over 8 metres. A high tide as well due at 2pm with the storm pushing it higher so flooding very likely.

The chickens have been spoilt with a lettuce yesterday and pasta and squash seeds today so they don't have to go out to forage for their greens. We will start the fire later. There is something snuggly about sitting in front of the log burner with a good book whilst the storm rages outside. It is not often that it thunders with snow but we have that today. Keep safe everyone.

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