Sunday 24 February 2019

A Lovely Morning

Today is so warm that it seeps into your bones. I just hope that it is not a false Spring where the budding plants get caught by a late frost. Bumblebees are working their magic and I heard my first woodpecker drumming this year.
Nosher is working as hard as ever, always on the lookout for rodents. The daffodils are exquisite and crocus open in the sun.
I am very pleased with the growth the green manure has put on over winter. It will soon be time to dig it in but I am tempted to leave some to set seed for next winter. The locals use overwintering turnips as green manure with the added bonus that they eat the green tops and animals will eat the roots. It all gets ploughed in before they plant their potatoes or corn.

Finally the nectarine is putting on it's beautiful show. My only problem is removing the excess fruit after it sets, it literally sets hundreds every year. A very hard working tree with beauty, an excellent bee tree, some shade beneath it and delicious fruit, what more could I want?


  1. Hi Nicky and Tim, I hope that you are both resonably well. sorry I seem to have mislaid your email address. We have started a writers group meeting once a month and I wondered if you might be interested . I know that we have talked about it in the past. Can you let me know if you are It would be great to see you.

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