Wednesday 23 June 2021

We Are Back (not with a bang, but with a whimper).

 We got back here eventually, hopefully for a long time but with cancer you never know. I had more chemo and a big operation on my lungs (thank you Royal Brompton Hospital) and now I am officially no active disease so we begin the 'wait and see' phase. The land is green and thriving, so many birds everywhere but we can't access it due to the impenetrable jungle of brambles and nettles. Our mighty cat is still here, a bit thinner and older but he kept the mouse hordes mostly at bay and the fabulous Amanda fed and watered him in our absence. Leaving him was far from ideal but our temporary accommodation was not suitable for him and we believe he was happier in his home. The alternative was putting him down before we left and we believe we made the right call this time. 

The house still has no functioning water, the roof has leaked in several places, mice are everywhere, they ate their way into our emergency food stash but it is SO GOOD to be here. No pics this time, I haven't found my camera yet, still unpacking to do but my soul is singing in response to Petas. this is where we belong, we have been through tough times but we got here eventually. Battered but not broken, I am pretty disabled, can't walk far, short of breath on the slightest exertion but we have the summer ahead of us.

San Juan celebrations tonight, the price of sardines has rocketed and I can't jump the fire but I haven't had the energy to sin much anyway. Perhaps next year I shall be more in need of cleansing fire.

Best wishes to you all, Nicky and Tim xxx


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, there were times I never thought I would see the place again, but we made it, good to see you are still here and writing xxx

  2. Thankyou so much, words such as , 'it is good to be here' seem so inadequate.