Thursday 10 February 2022

Progress Being Made

 No new pictures I am afraid, I still haven't found my camera lead but we are making steady progress. We have a young cockerel and four mixed breed hens for eggs. No eggs yet but as the days lengthen we hope that will be remedied. Thanks to a Christmas gift we bought eight fruit trees, a Mirabelle, white mulberry, apricot, almond, persimmon, nashi pear, Williams pear and a black walnut. They have been duly planted around the property. Thanks to a wonderful man called Will our land is being cleared and brambles zapped. Lots more areas to clear but he has reclaimed around two thirds of our land and it is looking incredible. In places the brambles were eight feet high and unfortunately some plants and trees have died but the ones that remain are looking big and beautiful. We have three new hand made windows on order, they should be installed in the next week. It will be wonderful to look out at the views and the cardboard currently blocking the cold wind will be composted with pleasure. Will is also running new plumbing to the bathrooms and kitchen. We have been without running water for nearly two years now (although we were in the UK for most of that) and I can't wait to hear the sweet sound of a flushing toilet, music to my ears. 

Today I planted my first seeds, mostly peppers and tomatillos into the propagator. Life's possibilities are opening up for us now and it feels good. Birds are singing, bulbs are springing and our first daffodils are in bloom. 

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