Sunday 17 April 2022

Forest Garden Update

 Spring is here and oh what a Spring. Every morning we are welcomed by a chorus of birds and the shrieking of our rooster which sounds like the tortured metal of a malfunctioning starter motor. We hoped he was going through a phase but unfortunately not. We have plenty of eggs laid in a variety of hard to access places and have the lurking suspicion that at least one hen is sitting on a cache of eggs that is still to be discovered.

Blossom is everywhere, trees are leafing up and the cuckoo calls constantly whilst the mated pair of buzzards spy on us from above on the thermals of a warm day. We are trying to reclaim the polytunnel for planting. Only the new grapevine planted so far, the aim being that the shade from the leaves will protect it from the worst excesses of summer heat. There are still brambles and bracken to pull and regular watering required to rehydrate the soil, damaged from two years of neglect and no watering. The nectarine has magically blossomed and set fruit, her roots must run very deep.

We do however still have the forest garden and orchard. Some casualties but many trees are thriving, the butterflies are everywhere and our every move is monitored by the resident robins who have to inspect every ounce of turned earth for hidden treasure.

Unfortunately it is back to the UK next week for another scan and of course that always brings anxiety. Living one day at a time is a lesson that can be taken from nature and it is what I try to do. There are difficult times for many people at the moment. Poverty is a reality for many people and counting your blessings is the order of the day.

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