Wednesday 6 April 2016

A Glorious Morning

In Galicia, in winter it rains a lot and this winter has been no exception. We have had a lot of rain and although Spring has sprung it has been difficult to enjoy it because of the aforementioned rain. This morning however it is glorious and made all the more precious because of the dull rainy days preceding it.
The geese are enjoying it as well. Later I shall let them wander in the forest garden, under careful supervision. Last time they were left in there they got through the fence into the neighbours turnip field and cause devastation until they were discovered.
The ladies are above with Gandalf below. He likes me at the moment but he attacks anyone else on sight but it is part of his job description to be a homicidal maniac.
The vegetables are still providing plenty of food and there are flowers hidden everywhere if you know where to look for them. I keep adding to the bulbs a few more every year. A garden should satisfy all of the senses and on a morning like this it certainly does.


  1. Gorgeous! And Gandalf is handsome.

    Do you happen to know what the yellow flowering weedy-looking stuff is in everyone´s gardens now? Is it a winter crop? Turnips gone to flower? Everyone seems to have some but me.

    1. They are all brassicas of various kinds, some for humans and some for animals, different types of Kale and tall cabbage mostly.