Sunday 22 July 2012

Rappa de Bestas

I have just been to my local Rappa de Bestas. This is where the local wild horses are rounded up off of the mountain and held in a coral. They are then assessed, some in poor condition are sold for meat, the new foals are separated from the heard temporarily and the adults are wrestled to the ground by the local young men, to be wormed and treated for any problems they may have.

It may seem extreme but for the rest of the year the horses live free and unmolested on the mountain, probably a better life than many factory farmed animals. Vets are in attendance and many of the young men are kicked and bitten but it is another rite of manhood that has been going on for generations. There is of course, music and food afterwards. The most popular mode of transport is a horse if you have one. And a high spirited stallion is the envy of all your friends.
The local Ferrari above.....

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