Saturday 7 July 2012

We are getting goats

Today I visited a good friend to see the goats she is going to let me have. The mum is called Tensing and she has her first kid, recently born who happily is a girl. I am currently in the process of building a large enclosure onto a stable that the goats can roam in. I hope to have sufficient milk for my needs and have help in the garden from the goats keeping some of the vegetation in check.
Here is our lovely kid who is still to be named.
 Standing on the rock is first time mum Tensing

Here are some of the goaty gang getting up to mischief as usual.

Finally I went to an Artisan fair this afternoon and bought a hand made Queimada set which is a traditional flaming alcohol cocktail typical of Galicia. It is always nice to speak to the potter directly about his wares.

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