Saturday 28 July 2012

We have goats!

At last they have arrived. We have spent a hot and sweaty week making the old stable suitable for the arrivals and banging in fence posts in temperatures over 30 degrees. Now we reap the rewards.
Necessity meant they came here in the back of our Citroen Berlingo, secured of course. Their first gifts to us were gallons of urine and a spade full of fertilizer.

We will keep them quiet for a day or two before releasing them into the new enclosure. Pixy the kid is 5 weeks old now and taking all of the milk. As she gradually increases her solid food we will start to take the milk for ourselves. I am already fantasising about all of the butter, cheese, ice-cream, yoghurt etc. I can make. In reality I will need a whole herd of goats to make my foodie dreams come true, including some boys for the goat curry.

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